Osteoarthritis is the most common form of Arthritis and it occurs when the protective cartilage degenerates over time resulting in inflammation and pain. At CRM we offer an integrative approach to managing arthritis pain using a functional medicine integrated approach.


Functional medicine takes a deeper dive into the causes of inflammation associated with joint pain, with a focus on halting and reversing the disease process. How do we do this?


We use numerous modalities, including injection therapy to help reduce the inflammation and relax muscles, that in turn improves the joint mechanics, reduces pain and improves mobility. To learn more:

 View our natural pain treatment options here.

"In my practice, I have learned that to manage chronic pain we first need to work on the root causes of inflammation. With thorough investigation and team collaboration, we can control your pain symptoms, so you can resume an active lifestyle and focus on health and longevity."

-Dr. Simona Scurtu



What natural pain treatments does CRM offer?

We offer different treatment therapies to help control pain inflammation. IV Vitamin Therapy is a treatment option for a variety of different pain syndromes. This would include custom formulation infusing vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help control pain inflammation. Trigger point injections to treat chronic muscle pain related to myofascial trigger points which are highly sensitive bundles of fibers of muscle. The treatment involves injecting magnesium into myofascial trigger point.

How many treatments will I need?

Frequency of treatments are determined by the severity of the condition. Most patients have some symptom relief after one treatment.

Do I need a referral?

Referral from outside practioners are not required. Testing or labs from an outside practioner are helpful for your discovery visits.

What are the steps to start treatment?

To start your treatment pathway, a detailed intake assessment will be done with Dr. Simona Scurtu. She will create a custom treatment plan involving dietary and nutritional intervention and injection and IV therapy as needed.

What is the difference of the Functional Medicine approach to Pain Management vs Conventional Medicine approach?

In Conventional Medicine, treatment therapies typically include injectables and medications to help with symptomatic pain. In Functional Medicine, we use therapies to help treat the cause and inflammation that is inducing pain symptoms




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