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A healthy immune system's mandate is protection.  The blueprints of individual immune systems are inherited through genetics and fashioned through interactions with the environment, including nutrition, lifestyle choices and chemical exposures. 


Get to the source of immune dysfunction and reclaim your health through immuno-rejuvenation.  


Click below to find out how CRM can help identify hidden infections, improve allergies, stabilize autoimmune, modulate overactive responses and rebuild a robust immune defense.

Hormones are chemical messengers that travel throughout the body coordinating complex processes like growth, metabolism, and fertility.


They can influence the function of the immune system, and even alter behaviour. 

The question is: are your hormones changing due to age or is your environment playing havoc with them?


To receive your hormone and/or thyroid health assessment click HERE or go LEARN MORE to read about hormone health solutions.

NUTRITIONAL HEALTH                     

An unhealthy gut can present with many widespread symptoms. Those can be Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) reflux, ulcers or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis or you just struggle with bloating, gas, abdominal pain or digestive distress. 


At The Centre of Restorative Medicine we offer integrated services that include extensive investigations and precision treatments that piece together the puzzle of your gut health.


Your tailored program targets symptom relief while also addressing the underlying problem for sustainable, long-term solutions.   Click below to learn more.

INTRAVENOUS THERAPY:  Recent studies tell us that various stressors such as high pace lifestyles, lack of sleep, air pollution, poor food quality, emotional stress and many chronic diseases lead to an increased need for foundational nutrients in the body, that cannot be met by diet alone.


This advanced naturopathic medicine service is offered at CRM as part of a personalized treatment plan or single service.


View the IV therapy menu and schedule a 15 minute rapid assessment for priority booking by clicking learn more. 

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