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According to the Environmental Working Group, the list of hazardous chemicals that have been found in our homes, bodies and environment is endless. Every day, we are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals through products like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, packaged foods, household and hygiene products, and environmental pollution. 


As we become more exposed our doctors see an accelerating rate of chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/AD(H)D, autoimmune disorders, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Deep metabolic detoxification is recommended yearly and approaches vary depending on type of exposure, gut health, nutritional status and goals of treatment.

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Phlalates, a known hormone-disruptor, are found in cosmetics, aftershave, perfumes, nail polish and detergents. Toxic chemicals can slowly erode your health.

Symptoms such as; an inability to lose weight, headaches, fatigue, water retention, joint pain, brain fog and headaches may suggest your harboring a toxic load.

Exposure to toxic chemicals is inevitable but metabolic detoxification and regular cleansing can prevent harmful effects on our DNA and protect our cells from rapid aging, reduced skin health and overall vitality.




Cleanse & Detoxify
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